Till Bush do us apart

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go landlords Few years ago back home, I was walking alone in �Abu-Nu�as� Street in Baghdad. Abu-Nu�as Street, for those of you who don�t know it, was one of the most beautiful streets in Baghdad. It walks side by side with the Tigris river, and used to be a very nice place to hang-out in.
That day, I was meeting few friends of mine in a caf� in that street and I got off the taxi few hundred meters before the caf� because I always liked to walk there. I was thinking about immigration, and how I should leave Iraq and probably get another passport and live my whole life away. In this very same moment, a nice summer breeze tinkled my cheeks as I walked through. I felt like it was Baghdad�s hand reaching out to my cheek and telling me that I can�t just leave. And as I was walking, I made a promise to my lovely city that I will not leave her ever, till death do us apart. You can ask the Tigris river if you don�t believe me.
That was few years back. When life in Baghdad was a blessing that we did not appreciate well. When Abu-Nu�as street was not opposite to the �Green Zone� on the other side of the river. When walking down Abu-Nu�as street did not include a bullet in the head from an American sniper.
Well, guess what my dear Baghdad ?? I lied.
I could not keep the single promise I made to you.
I lied because it not death who did us apart, its Bush. Someone you did not hear about. Perhaps you are familiar with his father. He is the one who tried to destroy you in 1991. And now his son made a vow to finish what his father started. He took you away from me, or maybe took me away from you, I just don�t know.

Last night, I got a phone call from a friend in Baghdad. MY heart jumped out of my chest (because of horror not because of happiness) as I answered. This fear of news from Iraq reminds me of some poetry I heard a very long time ago. I don�t remember the poem itself, but I still remember the main idea of it. The poem was describing how the exiled Iraqis were the only ones who fear to open letters from home because they are always expecting bad news, while other people away from their country get very happy when the receive a letter from home.
My friend was telling me that he will be coming to Amman tomorrow, if nothing bad happens until tomorrow. So, I will be waiting for him today. He was one of my closest friends back home. I wish he gets here safe, because loneliness is just killing me.

One war ago..!!

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Last night, I was wandering around alone in the streets of Amman. Accompanied by a pack of cigarettes and a wounded heart.

I was thinking how big this jail is, and how small I feel it. Thats what Amman is for me; a big jail. Everytime I pass by diner, I remember how beautiful was the restaurants in "Gre'aat" and how delecious was the food on the lovely shoulders of the Tigris river. Each time I walk by a tree, I remember how nice was our garden with the palm trees and the orange trees. And each time I get to my apartment, I remember how my room back in Baghdad was larger than the whole apartment I live in here. And when I pass by a cafe, I keep remembering the lovely night we had gathering in cafes in Abu Nu'as street with the huge group of freinds I had.

This was not way back in the past, it was one war ago.

Its just impossible to go on like this..!!

Maybe its best for me to go back home and die there. At least I won't keep remembering.

Earlier today I received a nice video from a friend by email. It about Baghdad. With the lovely song from Hussien Al-Jasmy "Bahebek Wahashteni" (it means I love you and I miss you).


All of this was just one war ago.

At last: Google opens an office in Baghdad

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Baghdad has recently witnessed the opening of the newest branch of Google, the leading company in Information Technologies.

I was honored to get a photo of the office:


Click here to the image view in large


The exact address was not announced for security reasons.


PS: The photo is of an Internet Cafe.


Undefined feelings

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Earlier today, I decided to write here. I don't really know what to write. So, I'm going to write whatever comes into my mind with no specific order.

Being away from Iraq has many good points, like the ability to breath. In Iraq, things have got to the point where you become scared of the air you breathe.

Things started falling down since the occupation. First, all attacks were directed toward the occupant, the American Troops. And this I can understand, because people seeing thier country being occupied by strangers will get angry, no matter what the motive of the occupants. And then, attacks started targeting people co-operating with the American troops. Afterwards, attacks targeted the Iraqi troops. Then, the government officials. And now, it has got to the point where no defined reason is needed for you to get killed. Your name might be a good enough reason for you to get killed. The neighbourhood you live in might be a reason. The bakery you buy bread from might be a reason. A street you passed thru, a taxi you have ridden, practically everything you do and don't do might be a reason to get you killed.

And sometimes being killed in Iraq is a part of luck. This is true. Because if you fall in the hands of one of the sacterian militias, you will wish that you were not even born. You might be drilled in the head and left to bleed you brain out to death. Or you might be hanged from hands to the ceiling, with your wrist cut small enough to let you bleed to death for few days. This not SAW IV I am talking about. This is actually taking place in Iraq right now.

Actually I don't know how to fell. I fell glad for being away from this. And I fell sad for being away from my country. I miss all the happy days back home. I miss my my family,college, my friends, and practically everything. Some times I just strongly wish that all this was just a dream. A bad bad dream. And I will wake up the very same Thursday, March 20th, 2003, and there is no war and non of this happened.

How would you feel if you were in my place ? 

My First Post

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Hi everyone,
This is my first post. I am trying out the WordPress Blog and I hope it works well.
I will try to keep my writings simple. I am no political expert or anything near politics. I am just a computer engineer who wishes to serve his country.

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