Earlier today, I decided to write here. I don't really know what to write. So, I'm going to write whatever comes into my mind with no specific order.

Being away from Iraq has many good points, like the ability to breath. In Iraq, things have got to the point where you become scared of the air you breathe.

Things started falling down since the occupation. First, all attacks were directed toward the occupant, the American Troops. And this I can understand, because people seeing thier country being occupied by strangers will get angry, no matter what the motive of the occupants. And then, attacks started targeting people co-operating with the American troops. Afterwards, attacks targeted the Iraqi troops. Then, the government officials. And now, it has got to the point where no defined reason is needed for you to get killed. Your name might be a good enough reason for you to get killed. The neighbourhood you live in might be a reason. The bakery you buy bread from might be a reason. A street you passed thru, a taxi you have ridden, practically everything you do and don't do might be a reason to get you killed.

And sometimes being killed in Iraq is a part of luck. This is true. Because if you fall in the hands of one of the sacterian militias, you will wish that you were not even born. You might be drilled in the head and left to bleed you brain out to death. Or you might be hanged from hands to the ceiling, with your wrist cut small enough to let you bleed to death for few days. This not SAW IV I am talking about. This is actually taking place in Iraq right now.

Actually I don't know how to fell. I fell glad for being away from this. And I fell sad for being away from my country. I miss all the happy days back home. I miss my my family,college, my friends, and practically everything. Some times I just strongly wish that all this was just a dream. A bad bad dream. And I will wake up the very same Thursday, March 20th, 2003, and there is no war and non of this happened.

How would you feel if you were in my place ?