Few years ago back home, I was walking alone in �Abu-Nu�as� Street in Baghdad. Abu-Nu�as Street, for those of you who don�t know it, was one of the most beautiful streets in Baghdad. It walks side by side with the Tigris river, and used to be a very nice place to hang-out in.
That day, I was meeting few friends of mine in a caf� in that street and I got off the taxi few hundred meters before the caf� because I always liked to walk there. I was thinking about immigration, and how I should leave Iraq and probably get another passport and live my whole life away. In this very same moment, a nice summer breeze tinkled my cheeks as I walked through. I felt like it was Baghdad�s hand reaching out to my cheek and telling me that I can�t just leave. And as I was walking, I made a promise to my lovely city that I will not leave her ever, till death do us apart. You can ask the Tigris river if you don�t believe me.
That was few years back. When life in Baghdad was a blessing that we did not appreciate well. When Abu-Nu�as street was not opposite to the �Green Zone� on the other side of the river. When walking down Abu-Nu�as street did not include a bullet in the head from an American sniper.
Well, guess what my dear Baghdad ?? I lied.
I could not keep the single promise I made to you.
I lied because it not death who did us apart, its Bush. Someone you did not hear about. Perhaps you are familiar with his father. He is the one who tried to destroy you in 1991. And now his son made a vow to finish what his father started. He took you away from me, or maybe took me away from you, I just don�t know.

Last night, I got a phone call from a friend in Baghdad. MY heart jumped out of my chest (because of horror not because of happiness) as I answered. This fear of news from Iraq reminds me of some poetry I heard a very long time ago. I don�t remember the poem itself, but I still remember the main idea of it. The poem was describing how the exiled Iraqis were the only ones who fear to open letters from home because they are always expecting bad news, while other people away from their country get very happy when the receive a letter from home.
My friend was telling me that he will be coming to Amman tomorrow, if nothing bad happens until tomorrow. So, I will be waiting for him today. He was one of my closest friends back home. I wish he gets here safe, because loneliness is just killing me.