Its raining very heavily today in Amman. Although I have been here for a couple of years, I am not accustomed with the weather here. It was very sunny and beautiful just yesterday.

Anyway, I used to love the rain. I used to like going out during the rain. Maybe because the rain used to be pure. But not anymore.

One day, during the war in 2003, there was black rain in Baghdad. It was caused by the smoke coming out of the burning oil all around Baghdad. It was one of the genius ideas of the leadership back then. Digg large trenches all around Baghdad, and fill them with black oil and set them on fire. The smoke was aimed to distract the vision of the "Smart" tomahawk missiles. I really can't see who was dumber; the smart missiles killing the innocent or the smoke makers trying to distract them.

Hybrid Van Since the black rain day, I stopped loving the rain. When I look at the difference between this day and that day. I can't help myself noticing the great amount of destruction happened between the two. Four years were all what Bush needed to destroy the lives of millions of people. And he just can't have enough. I really would like to meet one iraqi person whom life was not affected by the war. Its just pointless to try to convince the world that the lives of the 25 million iraqi people got better in these 4 years.

Saddam's era was bad. But now, I'd really look back on Saddam's days and say that they were the good days of our lives. Bush and the group of monkies called "The Iraqi Government" managed to do the following things during the four past years:

1. Make Iraqis hate each other.

2. Make fools out of theirselves.

3. Make a hero out of Saddam.

4. Make large amounts of money.

The list is way too long to be written here, and I am way too bored to talk about it.